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    SubjectRe: Trying to run 2.6.0-test3
    "Russell King" <> replied to me:

    > > 1. Although both yenta and i82365 are compiled in, my 16-bit NE2000 clone
    > > isn't recognized. If I boot kernel 2.4.19 I can use the network, if I
    > > boot kernel 2.6.0 I can't find any way to use the network. Partial output
    > > of various commands and files are shown below.
    > As a general rule, you should be using yenta not i82365. There have
    > been some historical problems when you build both into the kernel,
    > so you might like to try disabling i82365.

    I will do that in my next build. For some reason I wasn't sure if yenta
    would handle 16-bit cards. But this turns out not to be necessary. Also
    the PCMCIA suggestions which Felipe Alfaro Solana suggested (the suggestions
    which I intended to try) turned out not to be necessary. The winner is the
    next one:

    > I don't see any sign of cardmgr starting up in your message logs,

    You're right. I started it from the command line. It didn't recognize the
    existing card, but "cardctl eject 0" followed by "cardctl insert 0" taught it.

    Now the question is why cardmgr doesn't start automatically in 2.6.0-test3.
    In 2.4.19, PCMCIA support was a module, for which I guess I never bothered
    to change SuSE's default. In 2.6.0-test1 since had to set all options
    myself, I compiled in PCMCIA support, and it's still that way in test3.
    I'll try to see if I can find the reason, though of course you might be able
    to guess it instantaneously.

    Thank you.
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