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    SubjectRe: Via KT400 agpgart issues
    On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 08:59:03AM +0100, Mark Watts wrote:

    > I thought the KT400 chipset (at least) had been backported to 2.4.21 ?

    Only for AGP2.x mode.

    > I'm not experiancing any technical problems. The nvidia /proc interfaces are
    > reporting that I'm running at agp 8x

    if its using its own agpgart routines, maybe. If it isn't, it's broken,
    or lying.

    > , and I have full hardware acceleration
    > enough to play games like Unreal Tournament 2003 quite fast (~50fps), its
    > just that agpgart cant find my aperature size...

    which happens when agpgart tries to read the AGP2.x size, when the
    chipset is in 3.x mode.

    > I just tried my vendors (mandrake) 2.4.22 kernel and I get exactly the same
    > output.

    No vendor that I know of has backported the AGP3 support it its
    entirity. The closest to a backport so far is the trainwreck that
    is the ATI FireGL drivers.


    Dave Jones
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