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SubjectRe: FBDEV updates.

> That patch actually works here and I'm more/less waiting for it
> to be merged so I can send you the driver updates based on it.
> (It's becoming rather urgent. My pending PowerMac updates that
> port things to the new model are causing PM to break on PowerBook
> laptops now because fbdev has incorrect PM and the "old style" thing
> isn't properly ordered).
> The only thing you may probably want to fix (because you know
> that code better than I do) are:
> - the "resume" callback in fbcon where I currently just refresh
> the foreground console, while you may actually want to refresh the
> one on this fb since I suppose that with mutiple heads, we may have
> consoles on more than one head ?
> - the suspend callback where you probably want to disable the
> cursor timer

Will do. I like to also handle Video mode change. Even userland will like
to know when a mode change happened. For userland a signal can be sent.
This would be useful for someone in X that runs fbset in a Xterm. This
hoses the X server. It would be nice if the X server would see the signal
change and adapt to it. Fbset could in theory be used again to change a VC
size. Yuck!!!! But it is what people want.

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