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SubjectRe: Problem with framebuffer in 2.6.0-test3

> When I use "vga=normal", I get this weird screen during boot.
> It doesn't show any text. It just lots of coloured pixels.

This tells the the BIOS to set the video mode to a VGA text hardware mode.
This will never work with any of the framebuffer drivers. That is meant
only for vgacon.

> When I use "vga=0x301" I just get a blank screen during boot.

This will only work with VESA fbdev.

> In the init scripts I call fbset to set the proper resolution,
> which work in both cases.

fbset doesn't work with VESA fbdev because VESA doesn't support mode

> Here is part of my .config:
> # CONFIG_FB_CIRRUS is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_PM2 is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_CYBER2000 is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_IMSTT is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_HGA is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_RIVA is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_MATROX is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_RADEON is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_ATY128 is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_ATY is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_SIS is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_NEOMAGIC is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_VOODOO1 is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_TRIDENT is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_PM3 is not set
> # CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL is not set

Ah. You have a Voodoo 3 card. Please only us that driver. Also make sure

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