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SubjectRE: GNU server "compromised"? Gimme a break!
But, it is free!  

I have heard this story before. Sharing is good. Freedom, Openess, New World, ...

This is the same foo foo juice that created a generation of single mothers and millions of teens with sexually communicated disease. The same drunkenness that made it ok to kill millions of babies. The same BS that created millions of drug users, teen drunks, and theives. The same spirit that has wiped out millions of kids and just robbed them of any future at all.

They were all defiant. Anti-establishment. Claming that, "it is MY body and no one else has the right..."

The end results were really bad and will cause generations of pain.

Stallman and Company are just a bunch of stalled out juvenile delinquents that never grew up.

Peter Pan from the Dark Side. The merging of the evil of two consecutive generations into a force for change. That was called Bolshevism at the turn of the last century. This century, it is called Open Source. Both were singing the same songs and making the same speeches and marching with the same crowd.

Both are likely to meet similar ends. I hope the end of Open Shit is a little less bloody. The Leninists killed all the Bolsheviks as soon as they had outlived their usefulness.

Liberated. Free. Open. Common. Yeah, right! Dead and dying is a simpler, and more accurate description.

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From: "Joseph D. Wagner" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 18:55:05 -0500

>I just think this goes a long way to say that GNU/Linux security sucks, the theory of a thousand eyes isn't true because the eyes aren't looking, GNU/Linux security sucks, FSF is administrated by incompetent boobs (notice that even their pre-hacked backups could be compromised -- um, "offsite backups" anyone?), GNU/Linux security sucks, auditing is non-existent because they can't tell who did what (they'd first need ACL's for this), GNU/Linux security sucks, backdoors can be in open source code, ... and did I mention that GNU/Linux security sucks?
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>> From: Scott McCollum []
>> Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2003 5:14 PM
>> To: Joseph D. Wagner;
>> Subject: GNU server "compromised"? Gimme a break!
>> So the excuse is that the GNU/Linux servers holding source code for the
>> Free Software Foundation was compromised will be how Stallman and his
>> cronies explain the fact that SCO-owned intellectual property got onto
>> their servers.
>> How crazy does it sound when you say this out loud: "A hacker broke into
>> our open source servers and slipped proprietary code into the source code
>> of GNU/Linux in an attempt to plant evidence to frame us"?
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