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SubjectRe: 2GB laptop has pcmcia_cs looking for _insane_ sockets

On 14 Aug 2003, Lincoln Durey wrote:
> There can't be that many laptops with 2GB RAM, but surely this report
> indicates an error somewhere in the pcmcia_cs code (it is looking for
> socket number e9b91000 !!)

The socket number is just a random allocation (but useful to keep two
different sockets separated - think of it as just a unique ID). That value
actually looks reasonable, it's in the kernel virtual address space.

However, the fact that it doesn't work clearly means that _something_ is
wrong, and the memory size part is interesting:

> This bug is a feature of having 2GB ram in
> the system and has nothing to do with specific PC cards drop back to 1GB
> and all is well

It's almost certainly the Yenta PCI resource that got allocated in the
wrong area, and instead of pointing to PCI memory-mapped space it just
points to RAM.

Can you show the results of "cat /proc/iomem" and "lspci -vvxxx", and also
try this with a 2.6.0-test3 kernel just to see if the resource handling is


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