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SubjectDouble-Harvard Architectures

does someone have experience in porting some Kernel to Double-Harvard-Arch?
I don't think Lx was ever ported to such a kind of µP (please correct me!),
all I found on the web were several ports to embedded, but still vNeumann-,
or Single-Harvard µPs.

DH means, that the µprocessor (typically a DSP) has a seperated program
memory, a seperate (X)Data memory and a seperate (Y)Data mem, so it can
fetch two data adresses simultanely in one cycle via two physically
independent mem ports. For DSPs, that's a common behaviour!

So, obviously one (me) will have to integrate two flavours of malloc()
into the Kernel (vmallocX() and vmallocY()). Of course, i could leave this
issue to a specialized (uC)glibc, but i think, it should be the job of the
kernel to keep the oversight on memory issues...;)

Any ideas how to manage that trouble as "frictionless" as can?,

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