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SubjectMissing ttys on SC520
I have two AMD Elan SC520 boards which are basically identical; the only
visuable difference is that one bootloader switches on the PCI-VGA card
and displays a splash screen before starting the Linux kernel.

The board without splash screen boots 2.4.21 just fine, especially there
are entries in /dev/vc/* for the virtual terminals. The splash screen
board does also boot, but there is only /dev/vc/0 available. Both boards
run the same kernel image and the same user space.

Any idea how this could be caused? I'm not that firm with the terminal
code to find out which part fails while probing what...

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Schwebel |
Pengutronix - Linux Solutions for Science and Industry
Handelsregister: Amtsgericht Hildesheim, HRA 2686
Hornemannstraße 12, 31137 Hildesheim, Germany
Phone: +49-5121-28619-0 | Fax: +49-5121-28619-4
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