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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Make modules work in Linus' tree on ARM
> > After reviewing the /proc/kcore and kclist issues, I've decided that I'm
> > no longer prepared to even _think_ about supporting /proc/kcore on ARM -
> I suspect we should just remove it altogether.
> Does anybody actually _use_ /proc/kcore? It was one of those "cool
> feature" things, but I certainly haven't ever used it myself except for
> testing, and it's historically often been broken after various kernel
> infrastructure updates, and people haven't complained..
> Comments?

I've used it on a few rare occasions for last-ditch data recovery
before, E.G. an application crashed that had a text file held in RAM
that wasn't ever written to disk. Poking through /proc/kcore could
allow it's recovery.

Probably not a sufficent reason to keep it :-).

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