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SubjectRe: [PATCH] read_trylock for i386
Roland McGrath <> wrote:
> The following header patches add the read_trylock macro, implementing it
> fully for i386 and leaving other architectures with an always-fail fallback.

Looks reasonable, and we do need read_trylock() for symmetry at least. And
I did need it for the CONFIG_PREEMT low-latency read_lock() implementation.

Please note that the lockmeter patch in -mm kernels has implementations of
_raw_read_trylock() for sparc64, alpha and ia64. ppc64 already implements

So it would be better if someone could sweep all those together, implement
the necessary stubs for uniprocessor builds on all architectures and
apologetically break the build on the remaining SMP architectures.

That would appear to be mips, parisc, s390, sparc and x86_64.

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