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Subject2.6: XFS spins up the disk very often
Sorry if there is a list for these XFS issues...

Since I started with 2.5 in my laptop, I noticed that the disk with XFS was
spinning up continously. I checked with vmstats, and I saw I/O almost every
60 seconds. They were mainly outputs, among 11 and 250 blocks each time.

I checked every process and redirected all syslogd to /dev/tty7 to be sure no
processes were generating the I/O. I could find none.

So finally I repartitioned the disk and copied the whole system to a XFS
partition and to an Ext3. Then I tested both, rebooting each time and
changing the root fs.

With Ext3 there is no problem, the disk spins off very rapidly, but XFS kept
doint I/O's.

So I checked it again in 2.4.21-ac4. Although there were more XFS I/O than
with Ext3, they were not so frequent as in 2.6.

I also played echoing different values to /proc/sys/fs/xfs/ and
/proc/sys/vm/pagebuf/ files without noticeable changes.

Is it a problem in 2.6 or the /proc parameters must be fine tuned?

ricardo galli GPG id C8114D34
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