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SubjectRe: [2.6 patch] let broken drivers depend on BROKEN{,ON_SMP}
On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 09:40:07PM +0100, John Bradford wrote:
> > > The people who want Linux to be reliable won't be compiling their own
> > > kernels, typically. Because, the people that _do_ compile their own
> > > kernels have sense enough to disable broken drivers :) That's what Red
> > > Hat, SuSE, and others do today.
> >
> > It occurs quite often that you need e.g. the latest -pre or -ac to
> > support some of your hardware.
> >
> > These are situations when an average systems administrator has to
> > compile his on kernel.
> That is true. The point is that I don't see how adding an arbitrary
> dependency on a CONFIG_BROKEN option actually helps in any way.
> compile, there is a problem anyway. If they are hidden under a
> CONFIG_BROKEN option, it's just an extra step to enable them, then
> compile with them enabled to get an error to post to LKML.

You don't accidentially enable such an option.

Currently, I see every day reports about compile errors on
linux-kernel - reports for errors that are known and unfixed since
several months.

A dependency on BROKEN is a clear mark that a compile error is already

My personal opinions:
- Ideally, every valid configuration should result in a kernel that
both compiles and works.
- Every compile error gives a bad impression of the quality of the
Linux kernel.

Current 2.4 kernels are (on i386) relatively near to this ideal.

It's not only a technical aspect, it's also a marketing aspect. With
many broken drivers it's easy for people to argue against Linux using
arguments like

Look, what a crap Linux is, the developers even care whether the
kernel compiles.

> John.



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