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SubjectRe: C99 Initialisers
Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 03:44:44PM -0400, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>enums are easy putting direct references would be annoying, but I also
>>argue it's potentially broken and wrong to store and export that
>>information publicly anyway. The use of enums instead of pointers is
>>practically required because there is a many-to-one relationship of ids
>>to board information structs.
> The hard part is that it's actually many-to-many. The same card can have
> multiple drivers. one driver can support many cards.

pci_device_tables are (and must be) at per-driver granularity. Sure the
same card can have multiple drivers, but that doesn't really matter in
this context, simply because I/we cannot break that per-driver
granularity. Any solution must maintain per-driver granularity.

> Let me give you a true story that your solution needs to address.
> I recently got myself a Compaq Evo with an eepro100 onboard. So I took
> my Debian 3.0 CD and tried to install on it. Failed because the eepro
> on the board had PCI IDs that were more recent than the driver.
> So I took the driver module, put it on a floppy, hand-edited the binary
> to replace one of the PCI IDs with the ones that came back from lspci.
> Stuck the floppy back in the Evo, loaded the hacked module and finished
> the install. Then compiled a new kernel ;-)
> I haven't seen anything to address this in a nicer way yet.

Well, the step I wish to take - moving the ids from location X to
location Y, would have no effect on that scenario, positive or negative.


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