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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.4.22pre10: {,un}likely_p() macros for pointers
Albert Cahalan wrote:
> > Being a simple soul, I prefer __builtin_expect((x) != 0, 1).
> That's much harder to read. The !! is a nice
> neat idiom. The other way requires a bit of thought.
> (is that == or !=, a 0 or 1, and what does that
> compute to?)
> The !! is visually distinctive. It has only one use.
> When you see it, you instantly know that a value is
> being converted to the pure boolean form.

Dear Albert,

I have to tell you your are totally wrong :)

Most C programmers will find "!!x" less clear than "x != 0", simply
because "!!x" isn't used all that much.

If you require significant thought to parse "x != 0" you are going to
have trouble with more complex idioms.

Like "x && 1" and "x || 0", which are obvious to anyone :)

-- Jamie
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