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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test3-mm1 interactivity scheduling mistakes (smp)
On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 20:00, Helge Hafting wrote:
> I ran a "nice make -j3 bzImage" on 2.6.9-test3-mm1 in order
> to compile 2.6.0-test3-mm2 on my dual celeron.
> While waiting I played cuyo, a lightweight game similiar to tetris.
> This mostly behaved as expected, with a responsive game.
> But mozilla (on some other virtual desktop) occationally
> refreshed its page, causing several seconds with jerky response
> in the game.
> This is wrong for two reasons:
> 1. There should be enough cpu with two processors,
> one running the game and another the heavy mozilla stuff.
> The make was niced after all. No guessing, I told it explicitly.
> 2. The game has very interactive behaviour, it uses 4-10% cpu
> and cause X to use about 20%. Mozilla may have been idle for a
> while, getting "interactive". But it shouldn't remain
> interactive for so long, it sat at 100% till it went
> idle again.
> X runs with elevated priority, (std. debian testing setup)
> but that shouldn't matter - X only used 20% and that was
> for the game and two xterms. Mozilla wasn't visible
> at all.

I can't tell you why, but for me, X behaves horribly if it's not reniced
exactly at +0. In the past, I reniced X at -20, but Con told me that
with O??int patches, X must/should work with no nicing at all.

Could you please try again with X not reniced?

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