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SubjectRe: 2.6.0test2mm4 reiser bug? Buffer I/O error on device hda2, logica...
On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 11:55:25 +0300, Catalin BOIE said:
> I have some problems with 2.6.0test2mm4.
> I get the error from subject when I try to read a file on the disk.
> In userspace I get EIO.
> With 2.6.0test3mm1 the problem seems to disapear!

There was one nasty bug with readahead fixed in test2-mm5. I
believe (but could be wrong) that it only affected filesystems that
were on "logical" partitions (software RAID, LVM/DM, loopback, etc)
under memory pressure..

> Do I have to worry?

If that's your problem, you don't have to worry once you get to test2-mm5 or
later with a clean fsck of the disk. If it's something else, you still need to worry ;)

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