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SubjectRe: multibooting the linux kernel
Christoph Hellwig wrote:

>On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 01:36:52AM +0300, Nufarul Alb wrote:
>>There is a patch for the kernel that make it able to preload modules
>>before the acutal booting.
>>I wonder if this feature will be included in the official linux kernel.
>Mutliboot support would be nice, not sure about the module loading thing.
>But there's a bunch of issues with the paches:
>(1) please port to 2.6 first because
> (a) there's not chance this will get into 2.4
> (b) 2.6 has the inkernel module loader so you don't have to duplicate
> so much loader code.
>(2) please convert from GNU to Linux style
>(3) please use the predefined __ASSEMBLY__ instead of ASM
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Those are not my patches. They belong to a certain Christian Koenig. He
doesn't mantain them any more and I'm searching for someone to mantain
this project.

I know very little about kernel programming, but I liked the idea of
having such a feature in the kernel. It gives more freedom in compiling
the kernel. Maybe one day we would have the main piece of the kernel as
a standard and only have to recompile modules. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO
WITH MICROKERNELS. Multibooting is a different stuff.

SO, if somebody knows who might want to update this patches, it would be


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