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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test3-mm1 and rootflags
On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 14:25:19 PDT, Andrew Morton said:

> The fs-independent options are parsed in user space by mount(8), and are
> passed into the kernel as individual bits in a `flags' argument.

OK.. that's what I *thought* the code was doing.. ;)

> So we'd need a new `rootopts=0x0040' thingy to support this. But given
> that most things can be set after boot with `mount / -o remount,noatime',
> it may not be necessary.

Can be reset with remount: rdonly, sync, mandlock, atime, diratime.

Can't be reset: nosuid, nodev, noexec, dirsync, and a few others. Of those,
nosuid and noexec seem pointless for a root file system (though they may make
sense if you have a *really* minimal / and separate /bin /sbin /etc filesystems
- I seem to remember one minimalist config trying to get a r/o / so /etc was a
separate mount...), so at least for my current application, nodev is the only
thing I can't get with remounting....

If there's a consensus that a 'rootopts=' would be a Good Thing, I'll write a
patch. If not, I'll just fix the initial value of root_mountflags in init/do_mount.c ;)

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