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SubjectRe: C99 Initialisers
Randy.Dunlap wrote:
> Maybe I read too much into it. It made me think of Jeff's previous
> remarks about driver config and help being close to but split from
> driver source code. I saw (read) it as an extension of that:
> a way to package all driver information neatly close together,
> but in separate files. Someone could modify the config, help, or IDs
> file(s) without mucking with the driver source file(s).

You got it. I've even queried Roman Zippel about moving some of the
more simple per-driver fragments in drivers/*/Makefile into
drivers/*/Kconfig, so that people adding drivers only have to add one
file, and patch one file. All of the driver-specific metadata stays in
one place.

It would be straightforward to put the PCI IDs into Kconfig, even. We
already have the parser for it, so writing the tool to generate
pci_device_id C code initializers already has the backend written.

Jeff, the radical

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