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SubjectRe: Badness in device_release at drivers/base/core.c:84
Chiaki wrote:

>> Kermit was very helpful but due to my inexperience i was not able to get
>> the log due to Linux's box resetting of /dev/ttyS0 when booting, i would
>> get disconnect...
> Oh, I forgot some details. You might be able to
> circumvent the problem by
> issueing
> set carrier-watch off
> I use the direct-wire connetion with
> a device from a Linux PC's tty port using ckermit and
> so let me check the setup again tomorrow at the office.

Sorry for the delay. Below is the copy of kermit startup file
that I use for talking to a device that does not echo back characters.
I also power-on/off the device while connecting kermit to it, and
I don't think I got kicked off. : so
set carrier-watch off (abbreviated below as set carrier off)
should get you going talking to a linux box via
serial line during booting. (However,
I believe you already captured the necessary log using
uucp suite of tools.)

set line /dev/ttyS0
set speed 38400
set carrier off <- This is key to the disconnect
set terminal echo local <--- lines below here are for local echo back
set terminal newline on
set terminal cr-display crlf

>> Thanks a lot for suggesting ckermit.

You are very welcome.

From a happy Kermit user.
If you need to ask elaborate ckermit questions,
comp.protocols.kermit.misc is where the original
developers of Kermit hang around.

Happy Hacking,

Ishikawa, Chiaki

int main(void){int j=2003;/*(c)2003 cishikawa. */
char t[] ="<CI> @abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.,\n\"";
char *i ="g>qtCIuqivb,gCwe\np@.ietCIuqi\"tqkvv is>dnamz";
while(*i)((j+=strchr(t,*i++)-(int)t),(j%=sizeof t-1),
(putchar(t[j])));return 0;}/* under GPL */

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