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SubjectRe: C99 Initialisers
On Tue, 12 Aug 2003 20:02:03 -0400 Jeff Garzik <> wrote:

| Greg KH wrote:
| > In the end, it's up to the maintainer of the driver what they want to
| > do. So, Jeff and David, here's a patch against the latest 2.6.0-test3
| > tg3.c that converts the pci_device_id table to C99 initializers. If you
| > want to, please apply it.

I strongly agree with Greg's comment above.
| it expands a few lines to a bazillion :( I would rather leave it as
| is... you'll find several PCI ethernet drivers with pci_device_id
| entries that fit entirely on one line, and I think that compactness has
| value at least to me.

However, I would change for readability. Maybe not my readability,
but for all others who read and try to help maintain all of Linux
source code.

~Randy For Linux-2.6, see:
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