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SubjectRe: C99 Initialisers
On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 12:53:24AM +0100, Dave Jones wrote:
> What would be *really* nice, would be the ability to do something
> to the effect of..

While we're off in never-never land, it'd be nice to specify default
values for struct initialisers. eg, something like:

struct pci_device_id {
__u32 vendor = PCI_ANY_ID;
__u32 device = PCI_ANY_ID;
__u32 subvendor = PCI_ANY_ID;
__u32 subdevice = PCI_ANY_ID;
__u32 class = 0;
__u32 class_mask = 0;
kernel_ulong_t driver_data = 0;

Erm, hang on a second ... Since when are PCI IDs 32-bit? What is this
ridiculous bloat? You can't even argue that this makes things pack
better since this packs equally well:

struct pci_device_id {
__u16 vendor;
__u16 device;
__u16 subvendor;
__u16 subdevice;
__u32 class;
__u32 class_mask;
kernel_ulong_t driver_data;

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