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SubjectRe: data corruption using raid0+lvm2+jfs with 2.6.0-test3
Christophe Saout wrote:

>Am Di, 2003-08-12 um 22.45 schrieb Tupshin Harper:
>>I have an LVM2 setup with four lvm groups. One of those groups sits on
>>top of a two disk raid 0 array. When writing to JFS partitions on that
>>lvm group, I get frequent, reproducible data corruption. This same setup
>>works fine with 2.4.22-pre kernels. The JFS may or may not be relevant,
>>since I haven't had a chance to use other filesystems as a control.
>>There are a number of instances of the following message associated with
>>the data corruption:
>>raid0_make_request bug: can't convert block across chunks or bigger than
>>8k 12436792 8
>>The 12436792 varies widely, the rest is always the same. The error is
>>coming from drivers/md/raid0.c.
>Why don't you try using an LVM2 stripe? That's the same as raid0 does.
>And I'm sure it doesn't suffer from such problems because it's handling
>bios in a very generic and flexible manner.
Yes, I'm already converting to such a setup as I type this. I thought
that a data corruption issue was worth mentioning, however. ;-)


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