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SubjectRe: IDE bug - was: Re: uncorrectable ext2 errors
On Sul, 2003-08-10 at 23:33, Andries Brouwer wrote:
> if (drive->addressing == 1) /* 48-bit LBA */
> return lba_48_rw_disk(drive, rq, (unsigned long long) block);
> if (drive->select.b.lba) /* 28-bit LBA */
> return lba_28_rw_disk(drive, rq, (unsigned long) block);
> return chs_rw_disk(drive, rq, (unsigned long) block);
> with checking the size of block.
> And init_idedisk_capacity() does not check addressing.

It should also issue LBA28 if the size of th range and the end block
fall under the LBA28 limit because thst saves you valuable I/O time.

Jens had patches for that but I don't know where they went in 2.6

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