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SubjectUseful(?) BK trick
Rob Landley asked me if there was some way to get diffs between any two revs
of a file on and the answer is yes if you are willing to type in
the revs.

You can navigate to a file by going to and then working your
way down to the project of interest, then the repo, then "Browse the source
tree", then click on the file. You'll get offered a list of revisions,
click on one of those and you should be at a URL that looks like


You can put anything you want in for the rev, it can be a range. To see
1.2 vs 1.5 diffs you can do file@1.2..1.5 and hit return. It may be useful
to know that "+" always means the most recent rev in BK so to diff everything
from 1.2 to now that's file@1.2..+

Larry McVoy lm at
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