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SubjectRe: WINE + Galciv + 2.6.0-test3-mm1-O15
On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 00:42, gaxt wrote:
> Photoshop 6 (yes, legal owned version) in wine is flawless (as it was
> with 2.6.0-test3)
> Galciv plays videos quite smoothly but as soon as I run it it will
> freeze the cursor for 12-15 seconds every half-minute or so even within
> the game itself which is turn-based strategy without a lot of whizbang
> stuff. In the past, the videos would stutter but the game would not
> suffer from more than short pauses now and then.

Yes, herein lies one of those mysteries that still eludes me but I have been
investigating it. I can now reproduce in other applications what appears to
be the problem - Two cpu hogs, X and evolution for example are running and
evolution is making X the cpu hog. The problem is that X gets demoted whereas
evolution doesn't. Strangely, dropping evolution to nice +1 or making X -1
seems to change which one gets demoted, and X is now much smoother. I assume
the same thing is happening here between wine and wineserver, which is why
you've seen reversal of priorities in your previous posts. See if renicing
one of them +1 helps for the time being. I will continue investigating to
find out why the heck this happens and try and fix it.


P.S. I've cc'ed MG because he has seen the scheduler do other forms of
trickery and may have thoughts on why this happens.

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