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SubjectSiS 648/963 agpgart and ATI Radeon 9500 Pro

I've been trying to get the above combination to work
for ~6 months now with no luck. I probably need to give
up and buy a new motherboard or get rid of the ATI
card but I'm not sure which is the real problem at this

I'm currently using the 2.4.22-rc2-ac1 kernel with SiS
648 support and latest 3.02.00 ATI drivers from ATI. The
drivers and kernel work fine as long as I don't use DRI.
As soon as I turn on DRI the system locks up when starting
the XServer. This has happend since the first kernel I
tried it with (2.4.19) something until the most recent.
I can find no clue in any log as to what has gone wrong.
In the past I was using the try_unsupported option for

Is there any way to debug this or anything someone can
recomend to determine which is the culprit. I have used
the ATI card and the linux drivers on an older motherboard
with AGP 4x Support and all worked besides the usual ATI
driver glitches. I would certainly be willing to help
whoever wrote the SiS 648 support try to find out the
problem if it is with the 648 agp support.

Tim Lee
Phone: 605-722-3848
Fluke Networks
6805 Corporate Dr., Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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