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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: kswapd and toshiba libretto 50ct
On Tuesday 12 August 2003 21:24, Matthew Peters wrote:
> i have managed to resolder that pin, the kernel detects a clock speed of
> 75mhz again. The 2.4 kernels still don't work though. I've tried using
> both a modular build and one with everything tailored to the system.
> I don't have the oops message on hand, but i can get it if required. As
> always, i can't check it on the hardware itself.
> Thanks in advance,
> Matthew

Please check
- selected processor type: Pentium-Classic
- compiled with gcc295 or equivalent
- Leave frame buffers out
- put only minimal drivers (including serial port and console on serial port)

If it still does not work, please get the oops via serial console, run
it through ksymoops, without it is not much we can do.


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