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Subject2.6.0-test3 kernel crash and some tests
1st. ES1371 reports unknown symbol when compiled as a module and tried
to insmod. Seems to work when compiled into the kernel.

2nd. usb-storage, seems not to work with scsi. Mount reports sda1 is not
a valid block device. The Device attached is a camera and works
fine in 2.4.X. No errors msg reported, scsi/usb reports right
storage amount when the camera gets attached to the system,
/proc/scsi/usb-storage/1 and all usbfs entries look ok. Just can't
mount sda1.

3rd. Finally how to crash the kernel. Use less to accidentally take a
look at /proc/scsi/scsi. The process will be in uninterruptible
sleep and can't be killed. Run a shutdown -r now, the file system
you were on when you started less can not be umounted and the
kernel crashes before restarting. SMP (2 X PIII) system.

Please cc me if you need more info, since I'm not on this list.


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