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Subject[retry] deadlock (and mailer error)
(1) Deadlock

A few hours ago I wrote:

Now that I mentioned that inserting usb-storage hangs forever
and then causes a SCSI oops, the question arises how the hang
is caused. It turns out to be a semaphore deadlock.

What happens is that base/bus.c:bus_add_driver() downs
and then later usb/core/hub.c:usb_reset_device() downs

This is the same semaphore, and we have a deadlock.

(2) Mailer error

but vger didnt like this letter (?) and confusingly answered

The following addresses had permanent fatal errors

... while talking to
>>> MAIL From:<> SIZE=463
<<< 501-5.1.7 For input: <> SIZE=463
<<< 501 5.1.7 Path data: Spurious dot (.) at the end of the domain name
501 <>... Data format error
<>... Deferred: Connection refused by

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