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SubjectRe: UPDATE: 2.4.22-pre9, 8139too driver: eth0: Too much work at interrupt

turns out the problem was my fault. I had been tweaking the
pci latency_timer setting for the sound card using "setpci",
I had set it too high and the sound card was hogging the bus,
so to speak.

Hope this is helpful for others who might be experiencing this.

Anyway, may I just say that 2.4.22-pre9+ is turning out to be one of
the best kernels yet for me.


On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 11:58:11AM -0400, Marc Heckmann wrote:
> Hi,
> [I searched lkml archives for this, but nothing really useful came up,
> othewr than it did not happen on much older versions of 2.4.x]
> When I transfer any large files via scp or other means on the local
> 100 Mbps network, I get the following error messages:
> eth0: Too much work at interrupt: IntrStatus=0x0040
> Are they just debug printk's? My NFS connections stall and sometimes
> cause errors in programs writing via NFS. (The machine exhibiting the
> symptoms is the NFS client.)
> This is with 2.4.22-pre9, UP IO-APIC and ACPI enabled. The board is a
> Gigabyte GA7VXP with onboard 8139 ethernet.
> This also happens with 2.4.21. I haven't tried any older kernels since
> the machine is new.
> Does anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance.
> -m
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