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SubjectRe: [PATCH] lirc for 2.5/2.6 kernels - 20030802

> > > We can drop /dev/lirc*, and use input events with received codes, but I
> > > think that lircd is still needed to translate them into userland
> > > commands...
> >
> > That translation isn't done by lircd, but by the lirc_client library.
> > This is no reason for keeping lircd as event dispatcher, the input layer
> > would do equally well (with liblirc_client picking up events from
> > /dev/input/event<x> instead of lircd).
> IMHO there's one problem:
> If a remote control has e.g. a "1" key this doesn't mean that a user
> wants a "1" to be written into your editor while editing source code.
> The "1" key on a remote control simply has a differnt _meaning_ than
> the "1" key on your keyboard -- depending of course on what the user
> thinks this key should mean.

That only means that the key on remote should be labeled
"KEY_PROGRAM1" not "KEY_1".

> - users should be able to prevent remote keys from being fed into
> the normal keyboard input queue; non lirc aware programs should
> not recieve these events
> (OTOH, if you use an IR keyboard...)

This is same as multimedia keys on PS/2 keyboards.

> - IR events should reach the applications independant of X keyboard
> focus (well, maybe; the user should be able to decide)

Again this is the same as multimedia keys on PS/2 keyboards. It may
need to be solved, but we'd have to solve that anyway.

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