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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test2 does not boot with matroxfb
> On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 20:29, Petr Vandrovec wrote:
> On 11 Aug 03 at 20:01, Jocelyn Mayer wrote:
> > I now run a VGA console kernel without agpgart with a 16bps X.
> >
> > So, there seems to be two issues:
> > - broken matrox fb: I lose the synchro when switching from X to fb.
> > fbset configuration is lost when switching consoles.
> It is feature, not a bug. fbset does not work on 2.6.x kernels
> anymore. Apply
> if you prefer 2.4.x behavior.
In fact, it works untill I switch to another console...
What is the right way to change the console configuration at run-time,
now ? Or where should I look for this info ?
Did it become impossible (would be a severe bug, at least for me...) ?

> Also if you are using DRI, even latest XFree mga driver I found still
> reprograms hardware even if XFree server is not on a foreground, so you
> must use same color depth and vxres for both X and console, and even in
> this configuration display corruption on console may occur from time to
> time...
> Petr Vandrovec
OK, you confirm exactly the symptom I have seen.
So it seems to be an X driver problem...
But X is still buggy when it doesn't use DRI,
at least in 32 bits modes. I know it's quite certain that it's an X bug,
but I really would like to understand why it works with 2.4 kernels
and not with 2.6 ones. The X problem is there even if I use the VGA
console (I mean with a kernel with fb support _not_ activated).

Thanks for the infos.


Jocelyn Mayer <>

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