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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test3-mm1
--Andrew Morton <> wrote (on Saturday, August 09, 2003 20:39:43 -0700):

> . This kernel immediately triplefaults when compiled with gcc-2.95.3 and
> CONFIG_KGDB. It is due to compiling with "-ggdb" or "-gdwarf-2". When
> compiled with "-g" it works OK, but gdb screws that up.
> Moral: use a later gcc if you're a kgdb user.

Well, on the upside, 2.95.4 (Debian Woody) seems to work fine, so you don't
have to drown yourself in the pit of slow treacle. However, after printing
"kgdb <20030806.1101.35> : port =3f8, IRQ=4, divisor =1", it spews out
garbage to the serial console (looks like 8-bit data or something).
I didn't enable it on the cmd line, just compiled it in ... does that
trigger it for you?


Degredation on kernbench is still there:

Kernbench: (make -j N vmlinux, where N = 16 x num_cpus)
Elapsed System User CPU
2.6.0-test3 45.97 115.83 571.93 1494.50
2.6.0-test3-mm1 46.43 122.78 571.87 1496.00

Quite a bit of extra sys time. I thought the suspected part of the sched
changes got backed out, but maybe I'm just not following it ...


4/4 split is still being wierd for me (same pattern as before). I think
it's just the rc script crapping out which causes the hostname not to
get set, or the rootfs to get remounted r/w.


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