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SubjectRe: volatile variable
I was about to compose a reply contradicting you, but I can't be
bothered. Dinesh -- the answer remains: do not use sleep_on() (you could
perhaps use wait_event() instead though), and do not gratuitously make
your variable volatile.

Richard, you're amusing to read, and have hence escaped my killfiles
because I sometimes find it amusingly tricky to find your mistake --
sometimes I have to read your messages two or three times before I spot
your errors, but they're always there somewhere. It must take a large
amount of effort and skill to present arguments which are so close to
the truth as to appear authoritative, yet introduce errors which are
often so subtle. I cannot imagine that you achieve this so consistently
by accident alone, and respect greatly your ability to do this.

I appreciate the amusement you provide for those who are familiar with
your behaviour -- and interjected on this occasion only because you
seemed to be misleading a newbie who wasn't likely to be aware of your
history, without even much subtlety to your errors.

It may be vaguely amusing for those who are watching from the sidelines
-- but in this instance you seem to be being a little unfair :)


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