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Subject[ Problem with mm-tree of test2/test3 ] The size of /lib/modules is too big
I hope this is the right place to report this problem I noticed. If not, don't care about it.

Since 2.6-test1 has been released, I test the kernel and its mm patch
yesterday, I noticed that the directory in /lib/modules are very big
I look for what is the cause and, after some test, I concluded that this is mm patch who increase the kernel modules size
the test1 had no problem
the test2, test2-mm1, test2-mm2 and test3 had no size problem
but test2-mm3, test2-mm5 and test3-mm1 have a very big related directory in /lib/modules/
with nearly the same kernel config, the size of directories which have no problem is 4MB
and the size of directories which seems to have a size problem is 20-25MB
I think something wrong has been added in these patch between test2-mm2 and test2-mm3

To be sure, I made the test with EXACTLY the same config with test3 and test3-mm1
size of modules directory of test3 was 3MB
for test3-mm1, it was 14MB
and when I look in these directory, I found some strange things :
size of directory of reseirfs in test3 is 244KB
in test3-mm1 : 2.3MB
all others modules seems to have the same size difference

I repeat that I use exactly the same way to compile the two kernel

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