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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kill HDIO_GETGEO_BIG_RAW ioctl
On Monday 11 of August 2003 01:24, you wrote:
> On Sunday 10 of August 2003 22:29, you wrote:
> > Besure to force all devices to LBA only because wrapping the cylinder
> > count tends to make a mess.

This should be fixed by a "[PATCH] disk geometry/capacity cleanups".
drive->cyl won't be recalculated et all and cyls number from a disk itself
will be used for set_geometry().

> Ahhh... you mean not doing set_geometry() for LBA disks (we currently don't
> do it only for LBA-48 disks) because for large disks the cylinder count
> wraps and its not a nice thing, right?

It still may be a good thing, cause we never fall-back to CHS addressing,
even for taskfile ioctl requests (or fix taskfile and allow fall-back?).


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