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SubjectRe: uncorrectable ext2 errors
On Sunday 10 of August 2003 23:34, Jan Niehusmann wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 10, 2003 at 11:19:55PM +0200, Andries Brouwer wrote:
> > I see no kernel version in your post, that would be the first thing
> > of interest. Next, look at this addressing variable via /proc.
> Sorry - I mentioned it in an earlier post with a different subject. It's
> plain 2.4.21.
> > It it is zero, then you are hit by something avoided by the patch
> > I sketched yesterday evening or so. Otherwise we must look further.
> It is 0, yes. May it be caused by the following lines in pdc202xx_old.c?
> if (hwif->pci_dev->device == PCI_DEVICE_ID_PROMISE_20265)
> hwif->addressing = (hwif->channel) ? 0 : 1;

Yes. I did some googling.

are essential.

It looks LBA-48 was disabled on PDC20265 as a "workaround", because there
was a stupid in Promise LBA-48 support.
Bug was fixed, but "workaround" disabling LBA-48 was never removed.

You can remove these two lines and see if it helps
(but it may corrupt your fs even more if it doesn't).

Because of this bug you are hitting another bug which Andries has described


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