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SubjectRe: Apacer SM/CF combo reader driver
    I've got an Apacer SM/CF combo reader too. I found your email :

I just got myself an Apacer SM/CF combo reader, USB 07c4:a109.
The CF part is supported in the stock kernel (by datafab.c),
the SM part is not.
This evening I wrote a read-only driver; hope to add the
writing part soon.


Does your driver work well ?

Yes, it reads and writes without problems, both CF and SM,
assuming the surrounding kernel works.

Is it in the stock kernel now ? If not, is it possible to get it?

Now the question arises what you mean by "stock kernel".

2.6.0-test3 is still in a sorry state.
I cannot insmod usb-storage.o for a vanilla 2.6.0-test3.
It hangs. (Have not checked yet whether this is a permanent hang
or one of these scsi_eh_X that spend hours resetting the bus and
trying again. I booted 33 min ago and it still hangs.)

I have not tried 2.4 recently, but that is supposedly stable.

If you need the CF half, you need no help from me, you must "just"
find some kernel where usb-storage and usb and scsi all work.
Maybe a recent 2.4 would do.

If you need the SM half, ask me again.


[Long ago I made some general common infrastructure for SM readers.
In May 2002 someone asked me for this stuff and I put something at
Don't recall precisely what this is, or to what kernel it belonged,
in view of the date it may have been 2.5.13 or 2.5.14. But I see
there is an apacer.c, and the source looks healthy at first sight.]
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