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Subject[BUG mm-tree of test2/test3] nforce2-acpi-fixes breaks via ide controller
Hi all

Since the test2-mm1 sources I get the following error during boot:

VP_IDE: IDE controller at PCI slot 0000:00:11.1
VP_IDE: (ide_setup_pci_device:) Could not enable device.

This results in not being able to use DMA for any devices connected to
my IDE controller. Hdparm says permission denied when I do a hdparm -d1
/dev/hda e.g.

I checked with a vanilla kernel and everything is working fine there.
Going through the broken-out patches from Andrew Morton I found the one
patch that caused the above behavior: nforce2-acpi-fixes.patch

I do not know why it should interfere with my via stuff, but it does. A
vanilla test3 kernel is working fine as well, whereas test3-mm1 shows
the same error as before with test2-mmX.

My board is a ECS K7VTA3 Rev. 5.0. Vanilla Kernel reports the chipset
VP_IDE: VIA vt8235 (rev 00) IDE UDMA133 controller on pci0000:00:11.1

Hope the above information is enough. I can provide more if needed.


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