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SubjectSMBFS & >=test2
Since test2 I have suffered a problem with smbfs mounts using autofs.
Below is the error I get whenever i try and access the mount via the
mount location for autofs.

>>> smb_add_request: request [e2de1ec0, mid=127] timed out!
I sometimes also recieve this:
>>> smb_lookup: find //Audio failed, error=-5

I also get the same error when mounting manually.
I am using samba3 b3.

Any help would be appreciated


John Mylchreest.

Gentoo Linux:
Public Key: gpg --recv-keys 0xEAB9E721

Key fingerprint: 0670 E5E4 F461 806B 860A 2245 A40E 72EB EAB9 E721
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