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Subjectmodule-init-tools - input devices id support
this adds support for generating modules.inputmap with input handler match 
table that is used by input hotplug agent posted separately. Using hotplug
allowed me to completely eliminate any manual (input handler) module loading
in 2.6, it is also compatible with 2.4 in that usb.agent for 2.4 includes
fake usb table that maps device class to input handlers so this is mostly
transparent to users.

I do not have ability to test it on 64 bit system nor have any sufficient
knowledge about ELF - please, check and adjust table size if neccessary.

the patch is against 0.9.13-pre and relative to previous temp file patch I
sent. I can send patch against vanilla version if required.

Comments appreciated

-andrey[unhandled content-type:application/x-bzip2]
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