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Subject[PATCH] input hotplug support
this adds input agent and coldplug rc script. It relies on patch for 
module-init-tools that gnerates input handlers map table being posted to lkml
as well.

input agent loads input handler in respond to input subsystem request. It is
currently purely table-driven, no attempt to provide for any static list or
like was done, it needs some operational experience.

static coldplug rc script is intended to load input handlers for any built-in
input drivers, like e.g. psmouse (if you built it in). Currently it does it
by parsing /proc/bus/input/devices, I'd like to use sysfs but apparently
support for it in input susbsystem is incomplete at best.

It also modifies usb.agent to not consult usb.handmap on 2.6, as it is not
needed anymore.

Patch is against 2003_05_01 version of hotplug. Comments appreciated.

-andrey[unhandled content-type:application/x-bzip2]
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