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SubjectRe: What's the timeslice size for kernel 2.6.0-test2, IA32?
Mark Mielke wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 02:04:46PM -0230, Stephen Anthony wrote:
>>It would be great if sleeps were 1ms accurate instead of 10ms. It would
>>make synchronization code a lot easier.
> Doesn't this depend on what HZ you define for the kernel?
> If you want 1ms sleep, just set HZ to 1000HZ+, and give your process a
> high priority?
> mark

From user space, at least, you can configure /dev/rtc to 1024HZ and then
select on it's file descriptor. That will give you fairly reliable 1ms (or so)
sleeps, especially if you set your niceness to a high-priority setting.

Ben Greear <>
Candela Technologies Inc

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