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SubjectLinux 2.4.22-pre10


Here goes -pre10, hopefully the last -pre of 2.4.22.

It contains a bunch of important fixes, detailed below.

Please help testing.

Summary of changes from v2.4.22-pre9 to v2.4.22-pre10

o [wireless airo] sync with 2.6
o [wireless airo] Simplify dynamic buffer code in Cisco extensions
o [wireless airo] Update structs with the new fields in latest firmwares
o [wireless airo] Make locking "per thread" so it's fully preemptive
o [wireless airo] Don't sleep when the stats are requested
o [wireless airo] Don't call MIC functions if the card doesn't support them
o [wireless airo] Fix small endianness bug
o [wireless airo] Returns proper status in case of transmission error
o [wireless airo] Checks for small packets before transmitting them
o [wireless airo] Return channel in infrastructure mode
o [wireless airo] Update to wireless extensions 15 (add monitor mode)
o [wireless airo] Update to wireless extensions 16 (new spy API)
o [wireless airo] fix Tx race
o [wireless airo] safer shutdown sequence
o [wireless airo] eliminate infinite loop
o [wireless airo] makes the card passive when entering monitor mode
o [wireless airo] adds support for noise level reporting (if available)

o trivial 2.4 HCDP documentation/config patch

o ROOT NFS fixes

o NMI watchdog documentation for x86-64

o cciss update: author change
o cciss update: Fix problem with shared IRQs

Adam Radford:
o 3ware driver update

Adrian Bunk:
o fix IPMI build error #if CONFIG_ACPI_HT_ONLY

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
o ppc32: export hash_table_lock on SMP for MacOnLinux

Dave Kleikamp:
o JFS: write_super_lockfs should mark superblock clean

Jan Harkes:
o Coda fixes

Jay Vosburgh:
o [netdrvr bonding] fix ifenslave ia64 build

Jeff Garzik:
o [netdrvr] add new broadcom 440x net driver, "b44"

Marc-Christian Petersen:
o Fix AGPGART problem with 4GB RAM
o Fix irq handling of IO-APIC edge IRQs on UP
o MXCSR Handler Unspecified Vulnerability
o Fix /proc/self security issue
o Add missing -EFAULT for sysctl

Marcelo Tosatti:
o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre10

Oleg Drokin:
o reiserfs: fix savelinks for bigendian arches

Petr Vandrovec:
o ncpfs: Support for clustered NetWare volumes
o matroxfb: extended support for mplayer

Shmulik Hen:
o [bonding] fix ifenslave ABI bug
o [netdrvr bonding] fix ARP monitoring bug

Trond Myklebust:
o If an RPC request has to be resent due to a timeout, it turns out that call_encode() may cause rq_rcv_buf to be reset despite the fact that a reply might be delivered at any moment by a softirq.
o If xdr_kmap() fails, we need to ensure that it unmaps all the pages, and returns 0. We don't want to be sending partial RPC requests to the server.

Willy Tarreau:
o ACPI poweroff fix
o [netdrvr bonding] fix a typo in the MODULE_PARM_DESC
o [netdrvr bonding] fix kernel panic when optional feature used

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