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SubjectRe: ->direct_IO API change in current 2.4 BK
>>>>> " " == Marc-Christian Petersen <> writes:

> err, -aa has XFS per default, -wolk has XFS per default. So
> ... ;)

So they have both XFS + NFS O_DIRECT?

The answer to your question is then that somebody made the trivial
conversion on XFS... It's just a question of replacing the second
argument of the direct_IO() method with a filp, then extracting the
inode from that. A 2-liner patch at most...

The point here is that Marcelo's tree does not include XFS, so my
patch can't fix it up...
As I said, I suggest replacing KERNEL_HAS_O_DIRECT with
KERNEL_HAS_O_DIRECT2 so that the XFS patches can switch on that, and
hence provide the 2-liner on newer kernels...

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