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SubjectRe: [PATCH] O3int interactivity for 2.5.74-mm2
On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 05:19, Con Kolivas wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Jul 2003 04:36, Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:
> > I'm seeing extreme X starvation with this patch under 2.5.74-mm2 when
> > starting a CPU hogger:
> >
> > 1. Start a KDE session.
> > 2. Launch a Konsole
> > 3. Launch Konqueror
> > 4. Launch XMMS
> > 5. Make XMMS play an MP3 file
> > 6. On the Konsole terminal, run "while true; do a=2; done"
> >
> > When the "while..." is run, X starves completely for ~5 seconds (e.g.
> > the mouse cursor doesn't respond to my input events). After those 5
> > seconds, the mouse cursor goes jerky for a while (~2 seconds) and then
> > the system gets responsive.
> Aha!
> Thanks to Felipe who picked this up I was able to find the one bug causing me
> grief. The idle detection code was allowing the sleep_avg to get to
> ridiculously high levels. This is corrected in the following replacement
> O3int patch. Note this fixes the mozilla issue too. Kick arse!!

Yeah! I can't reproduce the bug anymore :-) Good work!

Is there any tunable to make the scheduler adjust the interactivity/CPU
usage a little bit faster? Just after launching XMMS and make it play,
moving the Konqueror window like crazy makes XMMS skip for a few

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