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SubjectRe: Kernel 2.6 size increase
Tom Rini <> writes:
> > The point was that in _some_ embedded systems, the space-savings is
> > wanted, and so a useful thing for linux to support.
> As has been pointed out, there's things like the block layer that aren't
> needed if you have just a subset of common embedded-device filesystems and
> some network stuff seems to have creeped back in. All I'm trying to say
> is that before you go too far down the CONFIG_SYSFS route, investigate the
> others first as there's a fair chance of saving even more.

I'm not really trying to defend this particular config option, just
saying that the attitude of `why bother trying to cut down, it's more
featureful to include everything!' is not always valid.

You may very well be right that other subsystems offer better
gain/pain, and I'm all for attacking the low-hanging-fruit first.

> To what end? One of the things we (== PPC folks) at OLS was that, wow,
> doing PM as some sort of one-off sucks, and if at all possible we want
> to get device information (and pm dependancies) passed in so we can tell
> sysfs and get any shared driver done right for free, among other
> reasons.

[What's PM? Power Management? What does that have to do with anything?]

Would you like fries with that?
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