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Subjectnfs-utils-1.0.5 is not backwards compatible with 2.4

Hey Neil,

It seems in nfs-utils-1.05 (actually it happen in 1.0.4)
the NFSEXP_CROSSMNT define was changed to 0x4000 and the
NFSEXP_NOHIDE define (which is not supported in 2.4) took
over the 0x0200 bit.. This breaks backwards compatibly with
1.0.3 and the 2.4 kernels...

So could please add this patch that simply switchs the bits
so NFSEXP_CROSSMNT stays the same and the new NFSEXP_NOHIDE define
gets the higher bit?

--- support/include/nfs/export.h.diff Mon Jul 14 18:14:01 2003
+++ support/include/nfs/export.h Thu Jul 31 11:58:05 2003
@@ -20,11 +20,11 @@
#define NFSEXP_UIDMAP 0x0040
#define NFSEXP_KERBEROS 0x0080 /* not available */
#define NFSEXP_SUNSECURE 0x0100
-#define NFSEXP_NOHIDE 0x0200
+#define NFSEXP_CROSSMNT 0x0200
#define NFSEXP_NOAUTHNLM 0x0800
#define NFSEXP_FSID 0x2000
-#define NFSEXP_CROSSMNT 0x4000
+#define NFSEXP_NOHIDE 0x4000
#define NFSEXP_NOACL 0x8000 /* reserved for possible ACL
related use */


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