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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Merge the changes from siimage 2.4.22-pre9 to 2.6.0-test2
On Thursday 31 July 2003 12:25, Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
> What do you mean by "a lot more stable than before"?

I mean it doesn't crash the system during intensive read/write operations. It
has something to do with limiting the max bk per request to 7.5 (hwif-

> Can you separate your changes from forward-port?

They are really small changes. It's the one I mentioned on the first e-mail
and this one, that was suggested by Andre Hedrick on another post:

+ drive->id->hw_config |= 0x6000;
if(strstr(drive->id->model, "Maxtor"))
return 3;
return 4;

> Are you aware of side effect?
> [ Disabling DMA on ATAPI devices on SiI680. ]
> Please consult this change with Alan :-).

No, I'm not. Sorry. I'm look for more information. But dma is working with my
SiI3112A, everything is stable, so maybe it should be enabled by default for
this chipset.

Also, there's a change missing in this patch. The PCI id for SiI1210SA is
missing in 2.6.x.

#define PCI_DEVICE_ID_SII_680      0x0680
+#define PCI_DEVICE_ID_SII_1210SA   0x0240
#define PCI_DEVICE_ID_SII_3112      0x3112

Anyway, thank you for taking a look at this.

Marcelo Penna Guerra
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